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1. Certain Experiments with Metastable Liquids in an X-ray Beam
2. Elastic Scattering of Positive Pions by Carbon at Energies of 5-22 Mev
3. Single Scattering of 10-30 Mev Negative Muons on Carbon
4. Angular Anisotropy in π+ - μ+ - e+ Decay Observed in a Propane Bubble Chamber
5. Angular Distribution of Positrons in π+ - μ+ - e+ Decay in Propane
6. Elastic Scattering 5 to 22 Mev Positive Pions by Carbon
7. Study of the Decay of the K02 Meson Into Three Neutral Pions
8. Elastic Scattering of 2.8-BeV/c π- Mesons on Hydrogen
9. Elastic Scattering of 2.8- and 6.8 Bev/c π- Mesons on Carbon
10. Mean multiplicities of the final hadron states in neutrino-nuclear interactions at (E u) = 8.7 GeV (The E-128 Experiment)
11. Inclusive characteristics of neutrino scattering at the nuclei of a photographic emulsion at energies of E u=3-30 GeV (The E-128 Experiment)
12. Study of the formation of neutral strange particles in neutrino-nuclear interactions in the energy range 3-30 GeV using a streamer-chamber-plus-photoemulsion spectrometer
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