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1. Scattering of 590 Mev Neutrons by Protons in the Small Angle Region
2. Possible Method of Search for the p0 Meson
3. A Search For the p0 Meson and a Check of the Dispersion Relations in π-N Scattering
4. Transfer of a Negative Muon from a Proton to Carbon
5. Charged Particles from the Capture of Negative Muons by the Nuclei 28Si, 32S, 40Ca and 64Cu
6. Charged Particles from Capture of Negative Pions by Nuclei
7. A Coordinate Proportional Counter
8. Measurement of the lifetime of the positive muon
9. Measurement of the temperature dependence of the rate at which muonic molecules of deuterium are formed for various spin states of the dμ atoms at high deuterium density
10. Formation rate of pμd muon molecules as a function of hydrogen temperature
11. Muon transfer from dμ atoms to 4He nuclei in a deuterium-helium mixture at 1350 atmospheres
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