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1. Nature of the Magnetic Anisotropy of Dysprosium: Investigation of the Anisotropy of Dysprosium-gadolinium Alloys
2. Magnetostriction and thermal expansion of single crystals of the rare earth gadolinium-dysprosium alloys
3. Nature of magnetic anisotropy of dysprosium. Paramagnetic susceptibility of dysprosium-yttrium alloys
4. Electrical properties and dependence of the s-f exchange integral on atomic volume of single crystals of gadolinium-dysprosium alloys
5. Nature of Magnetic Anisotropy of Dysprosium, Paramagnetic Susceptibility of Dysprosium-Gadolinium Alloys
6. Influence of replacement of gadolinium with zirconium on the magnetic properties and hyperfine interactions in Gd1-xZrxCo2 compounds
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