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1. Radiation Reaction of Sound Due to the Motion of Small Bodies in Inhomogeneous Gaseous Media
2. Spatial Dispersion of Inhomogeneous Media
3. Nonlinear Interaction Between Waves in a Plasma with Random Inhomogeneities
4. Nonlinear ion-sound waves in a plasma with three-dimensional random inhomogeneities
5. Kinetic equations for sound and Alfven waves in a plasma with random inhomogeneities
6. Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering in the propagation of Alfven waves in a plasma with random inhomogeneities
7. Nonlinear interaction between waves in strongly inhomogeneous media
8. Stochastic instability of stabilized explosion in relativistic-beam-plasma system with chaotic inhomogeneities
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