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1. Photon Emission in Muon-pair Production by Electron-positron Collision
2. Radiation Accompanying Two-particle Annihilation of an Electron-positron Pair
3. Electromagnetic Pair Production
4. Emission of Two Photons into a Given Angle in Electron Collisions
5. Photon Bremsstrahlung in Collision of High-energy Electrons
6. Total Bremsstrahlung Spectrum of Ultrarelativistic Electrons
7. Polarization Effects in Compton Scattering by Relativistic Electrons
8. Electromagnetic effects in the diffraction scattering of hadrons
9. Check on the heavy-lepton hypothesis by means of the hadron spectra of the reaction e+e- →L+L-
10. Properties of heavy leptons and their manifestation in the e^{+}e^{-} \longrightarrow hadrons reaction
11. Prospects of search for CP nonconservation in beauty hadrons
12. Manifestation of quantum-chromodynamic coherence in deep inelastic scattering
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