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1. Quantum Oscillation of the Thermal Emf in n-Type InSb
2. Galvanomagnetic Phenomena in Antimony at Law Temperatures
3. Thermomagnetic Phenomena in Antimony in the Phonon Drag Region
4. Magnetic Susceptibility of Holes in Tellurium
5. Energy Scheme of the Tellurium Valence Band
6. Influence of hydrostatic pressure on the splitting of the Landau levels in tellurium
7. Transformation of the magnetic state in Yb0.5ln0.5Cu2 in a first-order phase transition
8. Spin resonance of nonlinear optical susceptibility in n-lnSb
9. Cyclotron resonance of the nonlinear optical susceptlbllitv of n-type InSb
10. Drag effect in the electron-hole-phonon system of InSb: thermal quenching of luminescence in weak magnetic fields
11. Optical orientation of an electron-photon system under stimulated luminescence conditions
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