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1. Image Conversion from the Infrared to the Visible by Nonlinear Optics Methods
2. Narrowing of gamma resonance lines in crystals by continuous radio-frequency fields
3. Amplification in a γ laser when the Bragg condition is satisfied
4. Narrowing of γ-resonance lines in crystals by radio-frequency fields
5. Role of collective and induced processes in the generation of Mössbauer γ radiation
6. Waveguide SRS due to vibrational excitation of molecules
7. Classical analog of superradiance in a system of interacting nonlinear oscillators
8. Correlation effects in cooperative Raman scattering of light
9. Spatial multimode theory of cooperative Raman scattering
10. Cooperative and stimulated Raman scattering of light
11. Surface contribution to the generation of reflected second-harmonic light for centrosymmetric semiconductors
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