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1. On the Difference in Peak Heights from Quadrupole Splitting of Mössbauer Spectra
2. Observation of the Mössbauer Effect in a Tin-Containing Polymer
3. An Investigation of the Dynamics of the Motion of Tin Atoms on a Silica Gel Surface by Means of the Mössbauer Effect
4. Analysis of the Variation of the Sn119 Nuclear Charge Radius Based on its Mössbauer Spectra
5. Nuclear Gamma Resonance in Highly Dispersed Tin
6. An Investigation of Vibrational Energy Transfer from HF and DF Molecules to CO2 Molecules
7. Investigation of the Electron State and the Dynamics of Motion of Tin Atoms on the Surface of Silica Gels and Zeolite by Gamma-resonance Spectroscopy
8. Mössbauer Effect on Fe57 Nuclei in Y3-xCaxSnxO12 Compounds
9. A Study of Spin-lattice Relaxation on the Basis of the Hyperfine Structure of Fe3+ Mössbauer Spectra
10. Investigation of the Anisotropy of Iron Atom Vibrations in Hematite and Ilmenite by Means of the Mössbauer Effect
11. Study of Anomalous Micrcoregions in Ferromagnetic Substances by Means of γ-Resonance Spectroscopy
12. Polarization Phenomena, Absolute Probabilities, and Anisotropy of the Mössbauer Effect in Siderite
13. Asymmetry of Quadrupole-splitting Components in Mössbauer Spectra of Siderite Single Crystals and Polycrystals
14. Vibrational relaxation of HF and DF in a shock wave
15. Mössbauer observation of radio-frequency striction of the paraprocess in invar alloys
16. Effect of the rotational relaxation rate on the operation of a pulsed H2+F2 chemical laser
17. Determination of the Dynamical and Structural Characteristics of Liquid Crystals from Mössbauer Spectra
18. Rotational and vibrational deactivation of excited HF molecules
19. Gamma-resonance studies of the organic superconductor β*-(ET)2129I3
20. Calculation of electric field gradient at nuclei in crystals from x-ray diffraction data
21. Nonlinear rf spectroscopy of Mtissbauer nuclei under conditions of inhomogeneous line broadening
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