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1. Zeeman Effect in the Optical Spectrum of Antiferromagnetic Crystals of MnF2
2. Peculiarities of the Exciton-magnon Interaction in Antiferromagnetic Crystals with the Perovskite Structure
3. Anisotropy of the Zeeman Effect in Cubic Antiferromagnetic RbMnF3
4. Anomalies of Brillouin scattering of light near phase transitions in KMnF3 crystal
5. Excitons and magnons in CoCO3
6. Twinning structure and orientational magnetic transition in antiferromagnetic RbMnCI3
7. Paramagnet-spin-glass phase transition in dilute ferrimagnetic oxides
8. Cluster spin glass state in dilute ferrimagnets
9. Nuclear magnetic resonance of 57Fe nuclei in the hexaferrite BaFe12019
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