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1. Muonium stage of positive-muon depolarization in germanium
2. Characteristics states of muonium (μ+ meson) in silicon in longitudinal magnetic fields
3. Positive-muon depolarization in weakly doped silicon single crystals
4. Ferromagnetic resonance and the phase diagrams of the two-dimensional easy-plane ferromagnets (CH3NH3)2CuCI4 and K2CuF4
5. Ferromagnetic resonance and magnetic structure of (CH3 NH3)2 CuCI4
6. Study of the electron structure of single crystals of terbium-yttrium alloys by the positron annihilation technique
7. Inelastic scattering of light in the antiferromagnet EuTe
8. Study of antiferromagnetic resonance in EuTe by the method of inelastic scattering of light
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