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1. Stimulated Superconductivity of Thin Films
B.I. Ivlev
JETP, 1971, Vol. 32, No. 3, p. 563
PDF (510.1K)

2. Nonequilibrium phenomena in superconductor junctions
3. Nonlinearity of current-voltage characteristic and magnetoresistance of the interface between the superconducting and normal phases
4. Contribution to the theory of the two-dimensional mixed state in type-I superconductors
5. Dynamics of the resistive state of a superconductor
6. lntraband tunneling Umklapp of quasimomentum
7. Dynamics of Bloch oscillations in Josephson junctions
8. Decay of metastable states in a situation with close-lying tunneling trajectories
9. Tunnel-activated motion of a string across a potential barrier
10. Low-frequency oscillations in the resistive state of narrow superconductors
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