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1. On the Superfluidity of a System of Polar Bose Excitations
2. On the Influence of the Exchange Interaction on the Transition Temperature of Superconductors
3. The Statistics of Spin and Polar Excitations in a Crystal
4. Superconductivity of an Electron System with Singlet or Triplet Pairs
5. On the Superconductivity of a Ferromagnetic with a Weak Exchange Interaction
6. The Effect of the Frequency of Sound on its Absorption by a Metal in a Magnetic Field
M.S. Svirskii
JETP, 1963, Vol. 17, No. 2, p. 426
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7. The Conduction-Electron Interaction Induced by Spin Waves in a Ferromagnetic Substance
8. The Effect of the Multiplicity of d(f) Shells on Electron Interaction in Crystals
9. Theory of s-f Exchange for Nonvanishing Orbital Angular Momenta
10. The Relation Between Antiferromagnetism and Indeterminacy of Multiplicity
11. Pseudomultiplicity Uncertainty in Superconductivity Theory
12. Electron acceleration, effective masses, and sum rule in the polar model
13. Quantum fluctuations of physical quantities in stationary states
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