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1. Investigation of Fast Electrons in Powerful Pulsed Discharges
2. Energy of the X-Rays Emitted by Intense Pulsed Discharges in Hydrogen
3. Development of instability and the neutron emission by a Z-pinch
4. Experimental investigations of the mechanisms of excitation of plasma waves and generation of harmonics in a plasma produced by an intense laser pulse
5. Mechanism of generation of hot electrons in a laser plasma
6. Experimental study of wave-front reversal in stimulated temperature and Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering and stimulated temperature scattering in liquids
7. Experimental, numerical, and theoretical studies of x radiation and radiative thermal conductivity in a dense laser plasma with multicharged ions
8. Acceleration of foils by a pulsed laser beam
9. Nonlinear distortions of the angular spectrum in stimulated scattering
10. Brillouin scattering in a laser plasma at moderate intensities 1012-10^14 W/cm^2
11. Experimental study of the acceleration of thin foils by high-power laser pulses
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