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1. Transfer Phenomena in a Polar Gas
2. Transport Phenomena in a Mixture of Monatomic and Polar Gases
3. The Influence of an Electric Field on the Thermal Diffusion Coefficient for Gases
4. The Electric Senftleben Effect in a Gas With Optically Active Molecules
5. Kinetic Resonance in a Binary Mixture of Molecular Gages
6. The Possible Existence of Cross Effects in Gases with Optically Active Molecules
7. Investigation of the Thermal Conductivity of Polar Gases in an Electric Field
8. Possible Resonance Phenomena in the Kinetics of Molecular Gases
9. Effect of a Varying Field on Transport Phenomena in Polyatomic Gases
10. Investigation of the Anomalous Electric Senftleben Effect
11. Kinetic phenomena in a Knudsen gas with rotational degrees of freedom
12. Effect of a magnetic field on heat transport in tenuous molecular gases
13. Thermomagnetic effect in oxygen interacting with gold and platinum surfaces
14. Investigation of the thermomagnetic effect and its possible use for the study of orientational interaction of molecules with a surface
15. Effect of Periodic Variation of the Coefficient of Heat Transfer in the Knadsen Molecular Gas Placed in Magnetic Field
16. On the theory of the thermomagnetic effect in a Knudsen gas
17. On the observation of a magnetic phase transition in a quasi-two-dimensional system
18. Kinetic phenomena in the flow of a strongly rarefied molecular gas in an external field
19. Properties of rotational transitions during collisions between molecules
20. Thermomagnetic forces in a rarefied gas
21. Investigation of a magnetic phase transition in a layer of carbon monoxide molecules chemisorbed on platinum and gold surfaces in a magnetic field
22. Theory of thermomagnetic phenomena in the intermediate-pressure range
23. Investigation of the thermomagnetic effect in a Knudsen gas at low temperatures
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