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1. Energy Spectra of Alpha Particles from the Long-Lived Isotopes Th232 and U238
2. Fine Structure of the α-Spectra of U234 and U238
3. Investigation of the Allotropic Transformation a \alpha{\leftrightarrow}\beta Zr with the Aid of an Electronic Projector
4. Internal Conversion Coefficient of the 53 kev Gamma-Radiation on the L shell of Th230
5. Photodisintegration of Neon Nuclei
A.P. Komar, I.P. Iavor
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 3, p. 508
PDF (98.1K)

6. Measurement of the Intensity Ratio of the Transitions to the First Excited Levels of Daughter Nuclei in the Decay of U238 and U234
7. Alpha Spectrum of the Natural Samarium Isotope Mixture
8. Investigation of the α-Decay of U236
9. Kinetic Energy of Fragments from the Photofission of U238
10. Lower Excited (Rotational) Levels of T234
11. Photoprotons from A40
12. Photoneutrons from Li6 and Co59
13. Comparison of the Absolute Measurements of the Energy in a Bremsstrahlung Beam Performed in the Laboratories of Different Countries
14. Measurement of the Energy of Alpha Particles from Some Emitters
15. Emission of Fast Deuterons in the Photodisintegration of O16
16. Energy Distributions of Photofission Fragments from U238 Nuclei for Bremsstrahlung of Different Maximum Energies
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