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1. Possibility of Determining the Chirality of the Muon by Means of δ-Electron Cascades from Magnetized Iron
2. Investigation of the Nature and Spectra of Particles Produced by High-Energy Nucleons
3. Polarization of Electrons in β-Decay
4. Measuring of the Chirality of the μ Meson
5. Influence of Magnetic Fields on Resonant Absorption of γ Rays
6. Measurement of the Longitudinal Polarization of Electrons Emitted in Beta-Decay of Tm170, Lu177, Au198, Sm153, Re186, Sr90, and Y90. II
7. Polarization of RaE Electrons and Time-Reversal Invariance
8. Longitudinal Polarization of β Electrons from Au198
9. Further Search for the \mu \rightarrow e + \gamma Decay
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