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1. Production of π+ Mesons in p-p Collisions at 480-660 Mev
2. Measurement of the Polarization of Deuterons in the Reaction p + p \rightarrow d + {\pi}^{+} at Proton Energies of 670 Mev
3. The d + d \rightarrow {\pi}^0 +He4 Reaction at 400 Mev Deuteron Energy
4. The Reaction p + d {\rightarrow} t + {\pi}^{+} at Proton Energy 670 Mev
5. Investigation of the p + p \rightarrow d + {\pi}^{+} Reaction with a Polarized Proton Beam
6. Isotropic Discharge Chamber for Recording Tracks of Relativistic Charged Particles
7. Search for Anomalies in the Spectrum of H3 Nuclei Emitted in the Reaction p + d \longrightarrow {\rm H}^3 + {\pi}^{+} + {\pi}^0 at a Proton Energy of 670 Mev
8. Search for Anomalies in the Energy Dependence of the Cross Section of the Reaction p + p \longrightarrow d + {\pi}^{+} Near Threshold of Pion Pair Production
9. Experimental Verification of the Charge Independence Principle in the d + d \longrightarrow {\rm He^4} + {\pi}^0 Reaction for 400-Mev Deuterons
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