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1. Boundary condition for the distribution function of conduction electrons scattered by a metal surface
2. Optical and magneto-optical properties and giant magnetoresistance of Fe/Cr superlattices with noncollinear alignment of iron layers
3. Even galvanomagnetic effects in magnetically multiaxial antiferromagnets
4. Even galvanomagnetic effects in magnetomultiaxial antiferromagnetics: temperature dependence
5. Correlation of giant magnetoresistance and magnetization of metallic superlattices
V.V. Ustinov
JETP, 1994, Vol. 79, No. 1, p. 113
PDF (190.5K)

6. Investigation of vortex lattices in a high-temperature superconductor by the EPR decoration technique
7. The effect of ordered submonolayer oxygen films on the electrical resistance of thin tungsten plates
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