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1. Magnetic Properties of Cobalt and Manganese Carbonates
2. Investigation of Weak Ferromagnetism in the MnCO3 Single Crystal
3. Piezomagnetism in the Antiferromagnetic Fluorides of Cobalt and Manganese
4. Magnetic Properties of Oxides of Manganese at Temperatures from 20 to 300^{\circ}K
5. Piezomagnetism in the Antiferromagnetic Fluorides of Cobalt and Manganese
6. The Antiferromagnetism of Anhydrous Sulfates of Ni++, Fe++, Co++ and Cu++
7. An Anomalous Magnetic Transition in Anhydrous Copper Sulfate
8. Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Fluoride in the Antiferromagnetic State
9. Magnetic Properties of Trivalent Ions of Europium and Samarium
10. Transition from the Antiferromagnetic into the Ferromagnetic State in CoSO4
11. Threshold Saturation of Resonance in Antiferromagnetic MnCO3
12. Antiferromagnetic Resonance in MnCO3
13. Weak Ferromagnetism in an Antiferromagnetic CoCO3 Single Crystal
14. Spin-Wave Heat Capacity in Antiferromagnetic MnCO3
15. Effect of Spontaneous Striction on Antiferromagnetic Resonance in Hematite
16. Piezomagnetic Effect in α-Fe2O3
17. Antiferromagnetic Resonance of Manganese Carbonate in Strong Magnetic Fields
18. The High-frequency Antiferromagnetic Resonance Branch in CsMnF3
19. Magnetic birefringence of light in antiferromagnetic transition-metal fluorides
20. The weak ferromagnetism of NiF2
21. Magnetic birefringence of light in the antiferromagnetic MnCO3, CoCO3, and CsMnF3
22. Optical observation of antiferromagnetic resonance in CoCO3
23. Scattering of light by spin waves of the low-frequency branch of the spectrum in weakly ferromagnetic CoCO3
24. Piezooptic effect in MnF2
25. Distinctive features of a continuous NMR in 3He-B, due to a spin supercurrent
26. Experimental study of separation of magnetization precession in 3He-B into two magnetic domains
27. Study of antiferromagnetic resonance in EuTe by the method of inelastic scattering of light
28. Light scattering in ferrimagnetic RbNiF3
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