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1. Investigation of the Laser Effect in CO2 During Pulsed Excitation
2. Dragging of Free Carriers by Photons in Direct Interband Transitions in Semiconductors
3. Influence of a Magnetic Field on the Drag of Free Carriers by Photons in Semiconductors
4. Dragging of Electrons by Photons in Intraband Absorption of Light by Free Cerriers in Semiconductors
5. Three-photon absorption and linear-circular dichroism of lnAs
6. Role of the various types of transitions in three-photon absorption in InAs
7. Investigation of pulsed photoluminescence of a-Si:H subjected to intense picosecond excitation
8. Optical Faraday effect due to spin-density fluctuations of electrons in n-type semiconductors
9. Multiphonon interband absorption involving free electrons and phonons in n-type lnAs
10. The band structure of the oxygen-octahedral ferroelectrics BaTiO3, SrTiO3, and KTaO3, determined from data of two-photon spectroscopy
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