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1. Nonstationary Retarded Reradiation of Electromagnetic Signals by Ferrite During Parametric Regeneration
2. Phase diagram and domain-boundary structure in a uniaxial ferrimagnet near the compensation point
3. Domain structure of uniaxial ferrimagnets with a compensation point in strong magnetic fields
4. Scenarios for the ordering and structure of self-organized two-dimensional domain blocks in thin magnetic films
5. Formation of reflexive domain structure by monopolar and cyclic magnetization of uniaxial magnetic films
6. Types of instability in ordered domain structures
7. Dynamic self-organization and symmetry of the magnetic-moment distribution in thin films
8. Magnetic dislocations in a stripe domain structure
9. Static susceptibility of thin films of quasi-uniaxial magnets at phase transitions accompanied by domain-structure formation
10. Bragg diffraction of light by parametrically excited magnetoelastic waves of the upper and lower branches of thehybrid spectrum
11. Spontaneous and orientational phase transitions in quasiuniaxial magnetic films
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