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1. The Problem of Determining the Dielectric Permittivity and Magnetic Permeability Tensors of a Medium
2. Farady Effect in Ittrium Garnet at Infrared Frequencies
3. Magneto-Optical Properties of Garnet Ferrites in the Infrared Region
4. Exchange Interaction and Magneto-Optical Effects in Ferrite Garnets
5. Exchange Interaction and the Temperature Dependence of the Faraday Effect in Ferrimagnets
6. Anisotropy of linear magneto-optical effects in thulium orthoferrite
7. Velocity of domain walls in weak ferromagnets
8. Non-one-dimensional dynamics of vertical Bloch lines in domain walls of ferrite garnets
9. Dynamics of domain walls in weakly ferromagnetic orthoferrites
10. Unidirectional collisions of vertical Bloch lines
11. Solitons on a dynamic domain wall of a ferromagnet
12. Dynamics of vertical-Bloch-line clusters
13. Probabilistic description of nonlinear dynamics of domain walls
14. Supersonic disturbance of the domain wall dynamics in yttrium orthoferrite
15. Investigation of domain-wall motion in thulium and yttrium orthoferrrites
16. Investigations of the nonlinear dynamics of domain walls in yttrium orthoferrite by the method of high-speed photography
17. Investigation of supersonic dynamics of domain walls in orthoferrites
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