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1. Mode Excitation and an Explanation of the Divergence of the Radiation from a Ruby Laser
2. The Coherence and Directivity of Emission from a Ruby Laser
3. Changes in the Resonator of a Ruby Laser When Heated by Pumping
4. Excitation of Modes and Oscillation Kinetics in a Ruby Laser with a Concentric Resonator
5. Negative Dispersion in the R1 Line of Ruby
6. Beats Between the Modes of a Ruby Laser
7. Dynamics of the Radiation Field, Spectrum, and Coherence in a Giant Ruby-laser Pulse
8. Mode Excitation, Spatial Coherence, and Free Oscillation Kinetics in a Ruby Laser
9. X radiation of a plasma produced by picosecond ruby laser pulses
10. Absorption and scattering of radiation by a plasma produced by ruby-laser picosecond pulses
11. Coherent amplification of ultrashort pulses in activated crystals
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