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1. A new mechanism for superconductivity: pairing between spatially separated electrons and holes
2. Quantum statistics of multimode lasing and noise in intracavity laser spectroscopy
3. Influence of the conductivity of a metal substrate on the optical properties of thin insulator films
4. Vibrational states of thin crystalline films of polar semiconductors
5. Raman scattering of light by electrons in superconductors: contribution of surface region and Coulomb-interaction effects
6. Weak-localization theory: role of higher derivatives in the nonlinear sigma-model
7. Nonlinear resonant optics of thin films: the inverse method
8. Classical diffusion in media with weak disorder
9. Dynamics of integrable quantum systems
V.I. Yudson
JETP, 1985, Vol. 61, No. 5, p. 1043
PDF (339.4K)

10. Rigorous theory of cooperative spontaneous emission of radiation from a lumped system of two-level atoms: Bethe ansatz method
11. Exact Dicke superradiance theory: Bethe wavefunctions in the discrete atom model
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