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1. Mutual influence of resonant spin-flavor precession and resonant neutrino oscillations
E. Kh. Akhmedov
JETP, 1989, Vol. 68, No. 4, p. 690
PDF (299.6K)

2. Resonant spin-flavor precession of neutrinos and the solar neutrino problem
3. Profile of the Lα line of hydrogen-like ions in a dense plasma with allowance for the fine structure and the Lamb shift
4. Forbidden beta-decay in the field of a strong electromagnetic wave
E. Kh. Akhmedov
JETP, 1984, Vol. 60, No. 5, p. 884
PDF (270.5K)

5. β decay in the field of an intense electromagnetic wave
E. Kh. Akhmedov
JETP, 1983, Vol. 58, No. 5, p. 883
PDF (295.2K)

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