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1. Inhomogeneous current state of an excitonic insulator
2. Phase transitions in an exciton semiconductor and in a superfluid low-density Fermi liquid: Bose-liquid approach. Three and two-dimensional systems. General description at finite temperatures
3. Phase transitions in an exciton semiconductor and in a low-density superfluid Fermi liquid: the Bose-liquid approach. Dimensionally quantized and layered systems. Crossover between 3D and 2D behavior
4. Band theory of phase stratification
5. Photovoltaic effect in an orbital antiferromagnet
6. Controlling the evolution of electronic states in nanostructures
7. Superconductivity in systems with a low particle density
8. Quasimomentum spectral asymmetry and the anomalous magnetic properties of an orbital antiferromagnet
9. Symmetry and dynamics of systems with toroidal moments
10. Magnetic susceptibility near a phase transition into the current state
11. Macroscopic current states in crystals
12. Diamagnetic anomalies in systems with spontaneous toroidal current
13. Anomalous nonlinear effects at phase transitions to ferroelectric and magnetoelectric states
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