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1. Production of "Supercold" Polarized Neutrons
2. Paramagnetic Resonance of Free Gold and Silver Atoms Trapped in Various Media at Liquid Nitrogen Temperatures
3. Paramagnetic Resonance of Silver Atoms Trapped in Polar Media at 77^{\circ}K
4. Paramagnetic Resonance of Free Silver Atoms Trapped in Nonpolar Media at 77^{\circ}K
5. Effect of Optical Orientation of He4 Atoms in the 23S1 State on the Electron Density and Radiation of Helium Atoms in a Plasma
6. Optical Orienation of 85Rb and 87Rb Atoms by Light of the D2 Line and Relaxation in the 2P3/2 State due to Collisions with Inert-gas Atoms
8. Optical orientation of metastable He3 atoms and its influence on the electron density and radiation emitted by helium atoms in a plasma
9. Metastability exchange in a mixture of He3 and He4 isotopes
10. Optical orientation of Si29 nuclei in n-type silicon and its dependence on the pumping light intensity
11. Effect of Penning collisions between optically oriented Rb and He atoms on electron density in plasma
12. Coherence transfer in metastability exchange in the mixture of the isotopes He3 and He4
13. Observation of radiofrequency coherence during the excitation of hyperfine structure transitions in optically oriented atoms
14. Nonstationary coherence effects in pulsed excitation of hyperfine structure transitions in optically oriented atoms
15. Nuclear relaxation in silicon in weak magnetic fields
16. Detection of paramagnetic excited states in noble-gas cryocrystals by ESR
17. Hydrogen atoms stabilized in neon and nitrogen matrices
18. Investigation of excitation transfer in the system He(23S1)+Ne(21S)0) by the method of optical orientation of atoms
19. Polarization of hydrogen atoms by chemodissociation of H2 molecules
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