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1. Decay of Te131 (T1/2 = 30 Hours)
2. Investigation of Radioactive Decay Chains
3. Change of Resonance Absorption Spectra of 23.8-keV Gamma Rays of Sn119 During Phase Transitions of the BiFeO3-Sr(Sn1/3Mn2/3)O3 System
4. The Mössbauer Effect in Binary Tin Compounds
5. Anisotropy of the Mössbauer Effect in Single Crystals of β-Sn and Cassiterite (SnO2)
6. Oriented Tb160 Nuclei in Metallic Terbium
7. Hyperfine Structure of Gamma Rays Produced by Quadrupole Interaction in a Crystal Lattice
8. Nuclear Zeeman Effect in Sn119
9. Dependence of the γ-Quantum Resonance Absorption Spectrum on Crystal Temperature
10. Effect of Temperature on Hyperfine Structure of Gamma Radiation
11. Decay Scheme of Te131m
12. Observation of Resonance Absorption of the 23.8-kev Gamma Rays of Sn119 by Using the Conversion Electrons
13. Energy Shifts of Gamma Transitions Observed in Resonance Absorption of Gamma Quanta in Crystals
14. Quadrupole Interaction and Isomeric Shifts of the 23.8-keV Gamma Transition in Sn119 in Organic Tin Compounds
15. Effect of γ Radiation on the Shape of Mössbauer Resonance Absorption Spectra in Tin-organic Compounds
16. Zr97 Decay Scheme
17. Magnetic Moment of the 23.8-keV Excited State of Sn119
18. Resonance Scattering of Gamma Quanta in Te125
19. Observation of the Mössbauer Effect in a Tin-Containing Polymer
20. Resonance Absorption of 23.8-kev Gamma Quanta by Sn119 Nuclei in Crystals
21. Isomer Shifts for the 23.8-kev Gamma Transition in Sn119
22. Asymmetry of the Doublet in Mössbauer Spectra of Some Organic Compounds of Tin
23. Shape of the Resonance Absorption Spectra of 23.8 keV γ Rays from Sn119m in Tin Oxide and Metallic White Tin
24. Decay of Neutron-deficient Neodymium Isotopes. A New Isotope Nd138
25. Relation Between the Isomer Shifts for the 23.8-keV Gamma Transition of Sn119 in Metallic Solid Solutions and the Dynamical Properties of the Matrix
26. Mössbauer Effect on Sn119 Impurity Nuclei in Binary Metallic Solid Solutions
27. Quadrupole Interaction and Anisotropy of the Mössbauer Effect as Deduced from Observations on Resonance Scattering of Gamma Quanta by Polycrystals
28. Magnetic Hyperfine Structure of the Gd155 Levels in Metallic Gadolinium and in the Intermetallic Compound GdAl2
29. Magnetic Hyperfine Structure of the Gd155 Levels in Metallic Gadolinium and in the Intermetallic Compound GdAl2 [Soviet Phys. JETP 24, 64 (1967)]
30. Anisotropy of the Mossbauer Effect in Tellurium Single Crystals
31. Isomer Chemical Shifts of the Mössbauer Gamma Line in Isoelectronic Antimony Compounds
32. Isomer Shifts of the Mössbauer γ Line in Trivalent Antimony Halides
33. Magnetic Fields on Co60 and Sn119 Nuclei and Electron Polarization in CoPd and FePd Alloys
34. Magnetic Fields at the Nuclei of Sn Impurity Atoms in Rare-Earth Ferromagnets
35. Mössbauer and x-ray electron investigations of the valence configurations of tin (II) atoms in various compounds
36. Hyperfine interaction for 160Tb in gadolinium
37. Molecular-field distribution and local magnetization in a dilute alloy of palladium cobalt and iron
38. Hyperfine interactions at 119Sn nuclei in metallic Gd
39. An Investigation of the dilute alloy Pd(Fe,Co) by the MOssbauer effect on oriented nuclei: Relaxation and spin glass
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