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1. Anomalous Electron Scattering and the Excitation of Plasma Oscillations
2. Observation of Ion Oscillations in a Plasma
3. Ion Threshold Energy for a Two-stream Ion Instability
4. Two-stream Instability in a System of Interacting Ion Beams
5. An Investigation of Collective Oscillations in a Plasma Synthesized from Positive and Negative Ion Beams
6. Investigation of Drift-beam Instability of a Plasma-ion Beam System in a Longitudinal Magnetic Field
7. Nonlinear Effects in a Synthesized Plasma Consisting of Positive and Negative Ion Beams
8. Investigation of the Nonlinear Interaction between a Fast Ion Beam and Plasma Electrons
9. Anomalous Scattering and Phase Focusing of a Modulated Electron Beam in a Plasma
10. Excitation of ion Langmuir oscillations by a fast ion beam
11. Excitation of ion oscillations in plasma by a fast beam of negative ions
12. Impurity mechanism for the excitation of short-wavelength periodic structures on the surface of a solidifying melt
13. Beam-plasma discharge occurring during the nonlinbar interaction of a fast ion beam with the electronic oscillations of a plasma
14. Mechanism of excitation of nonlinear capillary waves on the surface of a liquid metal In contact with a dense plasma
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