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1. Two-frequency Precession of Muonium in a Magnetic Field
2. Precession of positive muons in ferromagnets
3. Investigation of the magnetic properties of gadolinium by means of μ+ mesons
4. Magnetic field at a μ+ meson in a ferromagnet
5. μ+-meson spin relaxation in germanium in longitudinal magnetic fields
6. Sub-barrier diffusion of μ+ mesons in copper
7. Investigation of superconductors by the muon technique
8. Relaxation of μ+-meson spin in the crystal lattice of copper, vanadium, or niobium in weak magnetic fields
9. Relaxation of μ+-meson spin in silicon in longitudinal magnetic fields
10. Relaxation of the μ+-meson spin in tellurium
11. μ+-meson spin relaxation in rare earth metals at various temperatures
12. Diffusion of μ+ mesons in vanadium
13. An investigation of the magnetic properties of erbium by the muon method
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