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1. Asymmetry of Angular Distribution of {\mu}^{+} \rightarrow e^{+} Decay Electrons in a 27,000 Gauss Magnetic Field
2. Fluctuations in the Angular Distribution of Secondary Particles of Explosive Showers
3. Creation of Positive Pions by Negative Pions
4. Explosion Showers Produced by High-Energy Cosmic Ray Particles
5. Production of Slow π+ Mesons in Photographic Emulsion Nuclei by 660 mev Protons
6. Asymmetry in the Angular Distribution of Electrons from μ - e Decay in Magnetic Fields upto 35 000 Oersted
7. Depolarization of the Positive Muon in an Electric Field
8. Azimuth Angle Distribution of Secondary Particles Produced in High-energy Interactions
9. Search for the D+ Meson
10. Pair Angular Correlation of Secondary Particles in Cosmic Ray Showers with Energies E0 > 1011 eV
11. Two-frequency Precession of Muonium in a Magnetic Field
12. Precession of positive muons in ferromagnets
13. Investigation of the magnetic properties of gadolinium by means of μ+ mesons
14. Magnetic field at a μ+ meson in a ferromagnet
15. μ+-meson spin relaxation in germanium in longitudinal magnetic fields
16. Sub-barrier diffusion of μ+ mesons in copper
17. Investigation of superconductors by the muon technique
18. Relaxation of μ+-meson spin in the crystal lattice of copper, vanadium, or niobium in weak magnetic fields
19. Relaxation of μ+-meson spin in silicon in longitudinal magnetic fields
20. Relaxation of the μ+-meson spin in tellurium
21. Investigation of bismuth oxide α-Bi2O3 by the muon method
22. lnvestigation of magnetic properties of samarium by the muon method
23. Muon spin relaxation in silicon
24. Magnetic dipole relaxation of the spin of the muon
25. Study of dysprosium by a muon diffusion technique
26. Diffusion of μ+ mesons in vanadium
27. Muon diffusion in ultrapure copper and bismuth
28. An investigation of the magnetic properties of erbium by the muon method
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