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1. Magnetic properties, and the crystal and domain structures of the uranium intermetallic compound UCo5.3
2. Magnetic properties and magnetic transitions in rare-earth intermetallic compounds (Tb1-xYx)3Co
3. Magnetic properties and spin-reorientation phase transitions in intermetallic compounds Nd1-xUxCo5
4. Crystal structure, and magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of UGa2
5. Giant magnetoelastic distortions of the crystal structure of the weakly anisotropic compound UFe2
6. Thermal expansion and spontaneous magnetostriction in R2Co7 intermetallic compounds
7. Double paramagnetism-ferromagnetism-spin glass temperature transition in alloys of ferromagnetic 3d metals and antiferromagnets
8. Magnetic properties of Y2Fe14B and Nd2Fe14B and their hydrides
9. Magnetic properties and magnetic phase transitions in the hydride Gd2Co7H7.7
10. Magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of the band metarnagnet ThCo5
11. Metamagnetism of the actinide hydride Th2Co7H5
12. Crystal structure and magnetic properties of UGaCo and UGaNi single crystals
13. Magnetostriction anisotropy in the rare-earth compounds RCo5 following spontaneous spin-flip transitions
14. High-temperature metamagnetism of the hydride Y2Co7H6
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