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1. Effect of broadening of spectral lines on the migration of electron excitation along impurity centers in crystals
2. Selective-Iaser-excitation study of the structure of inhomogeneously broadened spectra of Nd3+ ions in glass
3. Spectral migration of electronic excitation between Nd3+ ions in CaF2 -YF3 crystals under selective laser excitation conditions
4. Laser spectroscopy of inhomogeneously broadened lines of Eu3+ in glasses and migration of electron excitation over them
5. Neodymium electron energy deactivation and transfer in highly concentrated phosphate glasses
6. Long-term asymptotic migration in disordered systems with exchange interaction
7. Nonradiative energy transfer from high-lying highly-quenched multiplets of Nd3+ in the LaF3 laser crystal
8. lnvestigation of spatial distribution of impurities in solids by the method of kinetic luminescent spectroscopy
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