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1. Peculiarities in the amplification of ultrasound in n-lnSb in strong magnetic fields
2. Ultrasound absorption in solids at helium temperatures
3. Nonlinear Acoustoelectric Effect and Amplification of Ultrasound in Indium Antimonide
4. Propagation of nonequilibrium phonons in aluminum-oxide ceramics fabricated by cold isostatic pressing
5. Propagation of nonequilibrium phonons in ceramic materials
6. Slow propagation of slightly nonequilibrium phonons in mixed crystals
7. Investigation of solutions of yttrium-erbium aluminum garnets by the method of propagation of nonequilibrium phonons and spin relaxation
8. Transition between different nonequilibrium phonon propagation regimes in solid solutions of garnets
9. Propagation of nonequilibrium acoustic phonons in solid solutions of aluminum-based garnets
10. Absorption of longitudinal high frequency acoustic waves In Y3-xLuxAI5012 crystals
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