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1. New Magnetoconcentration Effect in Germanium
2. Submillimeter spectroscopy of semiconductors
3. Investigation of free excitons in Ge and their condensation at submillimeter wavelengths
4. Investigation of H--like centers in semiconductors in submillimeter wavelength range
5. Cyclotron resonance of electrons in Ge in a quantizing magnetic field in the case of inelastic scattering by acoustic phonons
6. Singularities of energy states of localized electrons in strongly compensated n-lnSb
7. Energy spectrum of the donors in GaAs and Ge and its reaction to a magnetic field
8. Energy spectrum of acceptors in germanium and its response to a magnetic field
9. Capture of photoexcited carrien by shallow impurity centen in germanium
10. Character of submillimeter photoconductivity in n-lnSb
11. Population and lifetime of excited states of shallow impurities in Ge
12. Direct-capture threshold effects in silicon superconductivity
13. Hopping photoconductivity of doped silicon and germanium
14. Influence of the interference of electron-phonon and electron-impurity scattering on the conductivity of unordered Nb films
15. Electron-phonon interaction in ultrathin Nb films
16. Free carrier recombination in doped silicon at low compensations
17. Impurity photoconductivity of weakly compensated silicon under conditions of delocalization of D- (A+) states
18. Effect of electron-electron collisions on the trapping of free carriers by shallow impurity centers in germanium
19. Cooling of nonequilibrium electrons and negative magnetoresistance in strong electric and magnetic fields
20. Heating of electrons in a superconductor in the resistive state by electromagnetic radiation
21. H--like centers and delocallzatlon of electrons in semiconductors
22. Kinetics of electron and hole binding Into excitons in germanium
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