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1. Magnetostriction of Rare-earth Ferrite Garnets at Low Temperatures
2. Magnetostriction of Yttrium Terbium Iron Garnets at Low Temperatures
3. Magnetostriction of Single-crystal Terbium and Holmium Iron Garnets at Low Temperatures
4. Exchange Interactions in Cobalt Garnets
5. Antiferromagnetism of the garnet Mn3Al2Ge3O12
6. Specific heat and magnetic properties of the antiferromagnetic garnet NaCa2Co3V3O12
7. Specific heat of the antiferromagnetic garnet Ca3Mn2Ge3O12
8. Features of antiferromagnetic ordering in the garnet Mn3Cr2Ge3O12
9. Antiferromagnetic resonance in the cubic crystals FeGeG and CrGeG
10. Manifestation of the magnetoelastic and Jahn-Teller interactions in elastic and structural characteristics of rare-earth phosphates RPO (R=Y, Tb-Yb)
11. Structural phase transitions in the system DyxTb1-xVO4 involving Jahn-Teller lattice distortions of various symmetries
12. Effect of correlations of Jahn-Teller distortions on the magnetostrictlon of the virtual elastic TmPO4
13. Diffraction of light from a rough surface with an arbitrary "deep" profile: interaction of diffracted beams, anomalous absorption, and maximum attainable local fields
14. Magnetoanisotropic properties of the exchange-noncolline'ar antiferromagnet Mn3AI3Ge3O12
15. Effect of a magnetic field on the structural phase transition in the Jahn-Teller crystal TmVO4
16. "Acceptor" and "donor" excitons bound to transition-metal impurities in Il-VI semiconductors
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