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1. On Phase Transitions in a Model System
R.A. Suris
JETP, 1965, Vol. 20, No. 4, p. 961
PDF (697.1K)

2. Resonance Interaction of an Impurity-center Electron with Lattice Oscillations
3. Optical Properties of an Exciton Condensate in a Semiconductor
4. Rarefied Imperfect Bose Gas in a Field of Randomly Distributed Fixed Impurities
5. Superfluidity of Excitons in Semiconductors
6. Heterodyne reception of light by an injection laser
7. Trap charge exchange waves in compensated germanium
8. Fluctuations of the surface potential in metal-insulator-conductor structures
9. Kinetics of the self-intersection of macromolecules in the Gaussian-chain model
10. On the kinetics of diffusion-controlled processes over long periods of time
11. Electron tunneling through layers with statistically rough surfaces
12. Energy spectrum of an electron in a semiconductor with a superlattice in a transverse magnetic field
13. Surface recombination and fluctuation surface states
14. Theory of surface states and of the conductivity in metal-insulator-semlconductor structures
15. Mobility of carriers in inversion layers in semiconductors
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