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1. Effect of Ionic Ordering on the Magnetostriction of Lithium Ferrite
2. Magnetostriction Constants of Single-crystal Lithium-gallium Ferrites
3. Amorphization of a Heisenberg ferromagnet with anisotropically distributed exchange couplings
4. High temperature ferromagnetism and the metal-semiconductor transition in an iron chromium sulfide spinel
5. Amorphization of Heisenberg magnets
6. Polarization-dependent photomagnetic effect in α-Fe2O3:Eu, Ga crystals
7. Influence of optical excitation of holmium impurity ions on magnetic resonance in yttrium iron garnet
8. Effect of doping wlthC02+ ions on the resonant and static magnetic properties of hematite
9. Magnetic, resonant, and optical properties of the amorphous magnet Bi2Fe4O9
10. Electron spin resonance and spin dynamics of two-dimensional diamagnetically diluted Rb2MnxCd1-xCI4 crystals
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