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1. Coherent effects in superconducting bridges of variable thickness
2. Current dependence of the microwave admittance of thin superconducting films
3. "Non-Josephson" generation in a resonator with a superconducting Josephson junction
4. Destruction of superconductivity in thin narrow films by a current
5. Properties of Josephson thin film variable-thickness microbridges
6. Effect of Abrikosov vortices on the critical current of a Josephson junction
7. Tunnel spectroscopy of the electron-electron interaction in disordered aluminum films
8. Current flow in superconductor-semiconductor-superconductor junctions
9. Nonlinear electrical and microwave properties of superconductor-normal metal microcontacts
10. Stochastic oscillations in Josephson tunnel junctions
11. Quantum effects in two-dimensional superconducting films at T>Tc
12. Electric-field penetration into a superconductor in a Josephson microjunction
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