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1. Asymmetry of the Beta Radiation of Co60 Nuclei Polarized in a Cobalt-Iron Alloy
2. Determination of the Sign of the Local Magnetic Field at Gold Nuclei Dissolved in Iron and Nickel
3. Contribution to the Theory of "Degenerate" Spectra of the Hyperfine Structure of the Mössbauer Line in Paramagnets
4. Effect of Weak Magnetic Fields on the Paramagnetic Hyperfine Structure of the Mössbauer Line in Fe(ClO4)3
5. Shapes of Mössbauer spectra in the rapid-relaxation limit
6. Resonant scattering of Mössbauer gamma quanta under relaxation conditions
7. New approach to the theory of the dielectric constant of a system of interacting electrons
8. Electron energy loss spectroscopy in metallic indium
9. Plasma excitations and polarization of ion-core electrons in transition metals
10. Experimental and theoretical investigations of plasma oscillations of electrons in zinc and cadmium
11. Dielectric matrix of band electrons with allowance for exchange-correlation effects
12. Self-consistent account of exchange-correlation effects in an electron gas
13. Investigation of plasma excitations in technetium by inelastic scattering of electrons
14. Inelastic scattering of neutrons by paramagnetic ions under relaxation conditions
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