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1. Reflection from a Barrier in the Quasi-Classical Approximation
2. Reflection from a Barrier in the Quasi-Classical Approximation. II
3. The Statistical Theory of Turbulence of an Incompressible Fluid at Large Reynolds Numbers
4. The Possibility of Existence of a Strongly Non-ideal Plasma
5. Possibility of decreasing the electron heat flux from open traps
6. Three-dimensional Wigner crystal in a magnetic field
7. Kinetics of quasi-two-dimensional electrons in the one-dimensional potential of a superlattice located in a quantizing magnetic field
8. Crystallization in a strong magnetic field of quasi-two-dimensional electrons at a partially filled Landau level
9. Contribution to the theory of the quantum Hall effect in a quasi-two-dimensional electron + impurity system
10. Quantum Hall effect in a two-dimensional electron-impurity system
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