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1. Quantum-Mechanical Semiconductor Generators and Amplifiers of Electromagnetic Oscillations
2. Slowing-Down Time of Nonequilibrium Current Carriers in Semiconductors
3. Semiconductor Amplifiers and Generators with Carriers Having Negative Effective Mass
4. Possibility of Using Indirect Transitions to Obtain Negative Temperatures in Semiconductors
5. Use of Indirect Transitions in Semiconductors for the Determination of States with Negative Absorption Coefficients
6. Production of Negative-Temperature States in p-n Junctions of Degenerate Semiconductors
7. Effect of a Frequency Filter on the Emission Spectrum of Semiconductor Lasers
8. Dependence of Multiple-mode Excitation in Semiconductor Lasers on the Absorption Nonlinearity
9. Solid state streamer lasers
10. Investigation of metal-barrier-metal-barrier-metal structures
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