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1. Self-focusing and Self-trapping of Intense Light Beams in a Nonlinear Medium
2. Theory of Generation of Optical Harmonics in Converging Beams
3. Development of an Optical Waveguide in the Propagation of Light in a Nonlinear Medium
4. Parametric Amplification of Light in the Field of a Modulated Laser Wave
5. Nonstationary Phenomena and Space-time Analogy in Nonlinear Optics
6. Aberrations and Extreme Divergences of Continuous Laser Radiation in Defocusing Media
7. Combined Effects of Molecular Relaxation and Medium Dispersion in Stimulated Raman Scattering of Ultrashort Light Pulses
8. Wave Pattern of Third Optical Harmonic Generation in Isotropic and Anisotropic Media
9. Self-focusing of Emission from a Continuous-wave Gas Laser
10. Stimulated Raman Scattering in a Field of Ultrashort Light Pulses
11. Mutual focusing of high-power light beams in media with quadratic nonlinearity
12. Kinetic cooling of a CO2-N2 gas mixture by CO2-laser radiation
13. Interaction of weak pulses with a low-frequency high-intensity wave in a dispersive medium
14. Synchronous nonlinear wave interaction in Bragg diffraction in media with periodic structure
15. Self-focusing of laser radiation in the course of the Freedericksz transition in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal
16. Undamped oscillations of NLC director in the field of an ordinary light wave
17. Nature of the aberration pattern formed as a result of self-focusing of a light beam caused by reorientation of the director in liquid crystals
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