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1. Oscillation of Photon Density in a Resonance Medium
2. Propagation of Photons in a Medium of Resonant Molecules
3. Relaxation of Photon Density in a Resonant Medium
Yu. A. Vdovin
JETP, 1966, Vol. 23, No. 2, p. 263
PDF (686.8K)

4. Sensitized Fluorescence in Pure Alkali Metal Vapors
5. Dielectric Constant of Alkali-metal Vapor or Hydrogen at Resonance Frequencies
6. Dielectric Constant of a Gas of Resonant Atoms
7. Propagation of Radiation in a Resonant Medium
8. Collisions accompanied by excitation transfer between atoms with large angular momenta
9. Radiative collisions of atoms with excitation transfer at low resonance defects
10. Optical-collisional nonlinearity and the coherent population trapping effect
11. Optical collisions and the atomic spectrum in a strong resonant field
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