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1. Resonance Interaction of Radiation with a Medium
2. Mode Interaction in a Gas Laser
3. Transverse Instability of Laser Emission
4. Polarization of the Radiation from a Gas Laser
5. Quantum Theory of Gas Lasers with Ring Resonators
6. Atomic collisions in a strong electromagnetic field
7. Quantized motion of atoms and molecules in electromagnetic fields
8. Investigation of the π+ → e+ + ue + e+ + e- decay
9. Search for the decay \mu^{+}{\longrightarrow}e^{+} + e^{+} + e^{-}
10. Probe-field spectroscopy in atomic media optically oriented in the ground state
11. Anomalous self-rotation of the polarization plane of a confined light beam in a gas located in a weak magnetic field
12. Stationary coherent states of atoms in resonant interaction with elliptically polarized light. Coherent trapping of populations (general theory)
13. Effect of boundary conditions on the spatial separation of a gas by spin projection in a circularly polarized optical field
14. Polarization effects in the nonlinear spectroscopy of ground-state atoms having hyperfine sublevels under conditions of optical pumping
15. Anomalous manifestation of static Stark effect in the ground state of an atomic gas
16. Mechanisms of precession of a light-induced quadrupole moment of the ground state of atoms with a hyperfine structure in a weak magnetic field and their manifestations in optical characteristics
17. Separation of a gas according to atomic spin projections in a helically polarized external field
18. Correlation properties of resonantly scattering light
19. Radiative interaction between atoms
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