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1. Anisotropy of Surface Tension at the Boundary between the Superconducting and Normal Phases of Tin
2. Concerning the Ferlni Surface of Tin
V.F. Gantmakher
JETP, 1964, Vol. 19, No. 6, p. 1366
PDF (516K)

3. Dimension Effect in the Presence of Electron Drift Inside a Metal
4. Dependence of the Depth of Penetration of the Magnetic Field in a Superconductor on the Magnetic Field Strength
5. Non-monotonic Dependence of the Surface Impedance of Tin on the Magnetic Field at 1.9 Megacycles
6. Investigation of the Fermi Surface of Tin by the Site Effect
7. Dimensional Effect in a Metal in Multiples of a Certain Magnetic Field
V.F. Gantmakher
JETP, 1963, Vol. 16, No. 1, p. 247
PDF (399.4K)

8. A Method of Measuring the Momentum of Electrons in a Metal
V.F. Gantmakher
JETP, 1962, Vol. 15, No. 5, p. 982
PDF (276K)

9. Temperature Dependence of the Mean Free Path of Electrons in Tin at Low Temperatures
10. Radio-frequency Size Effect in a Magnetic Field Perpendicular to the Surface of a Metal
11. Size Effect in Indium on Helical Trajectories in an Inclined Magnetic Field
12. Radio-frequency Size Effect in Indium
13. Radio Frequency Size Effect at the Limiting Point in Indium
14. Temperature Dependence of the Electron and Hole Mean Free Paths in Antimony
15. Measurement of the Electron Mean Free Path in Potassium by Means of the Radio Frequency Size Effect
16. Electromagnetic Excitation of Sound Waves in Tin and Bismuth
17. Anisotropy of the probability of electron scattering by phonons on the Fermi surface of copper
18. Inversion of magnetic-impurity oscillations of the photoconductivity in germanium
19. Magnetic-impurity oscillations and the low-temperature photokinetics in germanium
20. Experimental Investigation of Scattering of Electrons by Dislocations in Copper
21. Temperature dependence of the cross section for electron scattering by dislocations in metals
22. Photokinetic magnetic-impurity quantum oscillations in germanium at helium temperatures
23. Temperature dependence of the probability for scattering of charge carriers in molybdenum and tungsten
24. Oscillations of the photocurrent in a magnetic field during intense photoexcitation of doped germanium
25. Effect of collisions between carriers on the dissipative conductivity
26. Resonant recombination of photoexcited light holes in germanium in a magnetic field
27. Broadening of superconducting resistive transition in macroscopically inhomogeneous Ga-Sb and Zn-Sb alloys under magnetic field
28. Giant negative magnetoresistance of semi-insulating amorphous indium oxide films in strong magnetic fields
29. Anomalous superconducting response and nonactivating tunneling in high-resistance metastable states of GaSb
30. Metal-insulator transition in amorphization of Cd-Sb
31. Magnetic penetration depth in KBaBiO from measurements of the dynamic susceptibility of powder in an alternating magnetic field
32. Three components of the superconducting response in high-resistance metastable states of the alloy CdSb
33. Conduction mechanisms near the metal-insulator transition range
34. Electric resistance of a medium with a fractal structure
35. Effect of structural relaxation of the amorphous alloy Ni34Zr66 on the temperature dependence of a superconducting gap
36. Properties of a tunnel point contact between aluminum and the superconducting amorphous alloy NiZr2
37. Microwave resistance of ceramic YBa2Cu3O6.9
38. Magnetoacoustoelectronic instabilities in bismuth in constant and high-frequency electric fields
39. Threshold generation of microwave harmonics in a solid-state plasma and parametric excitation of hypersound in bismuth
40. Anisotropy of the resistivity saturation in WO2
41. Nonlinear resonances on skipping electron trajectories near the surface of a metal
42. Energy spectrum and quasibound Coulomb states of light holes in germanium in a magnetic field
43. Nonlinear effects in bismuth under cyclotronresonance conditions
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