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1. Laser heating of a transparent medium containing random absorbing inhomogeneities
2. Optothermodynamic method of diagnostics of the critical point and of the investigation of the equation of state of absorbing liquids
3. Instability of plane evaporation front in interaction of laser radiation with a medium
4. Statistical characteristics of the heating of a transparent medium with random absorbing inclusions by laser radiation
M.I. Tribel'skii
JETP, 1977, Vol. 45, No. 1, p. 172
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5. Dynamics of the formation and destruction of phase-slip centers in narrow superconducting channels
6. Stability of stationary periodic structures for weakly supercritical convection and in related problems
7. Sound absorption in metals above the Debye temperature
8. Nonlinear acoustic effects in metals near the electron-topological transition point
9. Resonant scattering of light by small particles
10. Spin regimes of sublimation of solids under the action of laser radiation
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