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1. Effect of Very Short Laser Pulses on Absorbing Substances
S.I. Anisimov
JETP, 1970, Vol. 31, No. 1, p. 181
PDF (332.5K)

2. Vaporization of Metal Absorbing Laser Radiation
S.I. Anisimov
JETP, 1968, Vol. 27, No. 1, p. 182
PDF (281.4K)

3. The dynamics of the expansion of a vapor when evaporated into a vacuum
4. Electron emission from metal surfaces exposed to ultrashort laser pulses
5. Experimental investigations of the mechanisms of excitation of plasma waves and generation of harmonics in a plasma produced by an intense laser pulse
6. Optical breakdown of transparent media containing microinhomogeneities
7. A New Type of Disclination in Liquid Crystals and the Stability of Disclinations of Various Type
8. Calculation of the energy of the molecular phase of solid hydrogen allowing for three-particle interactions
9. Instability of plane evaporation front in interaction of laser radiation with a medium
10. Evolution of density discontinuity in rarefied plasma kinetics
11. Effect of short-wave temperature modulation on the generation of a quasisteady magnetic field in a laser plasma
12. Dynamics of the three-dimensional expansion in a vapor produced by a laser pulse
13. Emission of matter by hypervelocity impact
14. Numerical simulation of a langmuir collapse
15. Effects of giant laser pulses on a quasisteady plasma jet
16. Spin regimes of sublimation of solids under the action of laser radiation
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