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1. Certain Threshold Singularities in Total Interaction Cross Sections
2. Threshold Singularities in the Total Pion Scattering Cross Section
3. Optical frequency modulations of electrons diffracted by a crystal
4. Properties of electromagnetic radiation emitted by an electron diffracted in a single crystal
5. Hyperfine Broadening of the X-Ray Line
6. Influence of Pendellosung effect on the degree of optical modulation of an electron beam diffracted in a crystal
V.V. Fedorov
JETP, 1980, Vol. 51, No. 2, p. 394
PDF (238.4K)

7. Diffraction of Cerenkov radiation in a spatially periodic medium
8. Hyperfine structure of x-ray lines that accompany K capture
9. Measurement of the strong intracrystalline electric field in the Schwinger interaction with diffracted neutrons
10. Gravitational effect in neutron diffraction by a curved quartz single crystal
11. Hyperfine shifts of x-ray levels excited by internal conversion
12. Hyperfine shift of x-ray lines excited in internal conversion
13. Photon emission by electrons in four-wave diffraction in a single crystal
V.V. Fedorov
JETP, 1982, Vol. 55, No. 2, p. 272
PDF (372.9K)

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