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1. Thermal Conductivity of Solid He4
2. Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity of Crystalline He4
3. Mobility of Charges in Liquid Helium up to Solidification
4. Influence of Dimensions on the Thermal Conductivity of Crystalline He4 Samples
5. Kapitza resistance at the solid helium-copper boundary under heavy thermal loads
6. Electric conductivity and transport lengths of electrons in bismuth at low temperatures
7. Contributions of various phonon relaxation mechanisms to the thermal resistance of the crystal lattice of bismuth at temperatures below 2circK
8. Investigation of the kinetic coefficients of bismuth at helium temperatures
9. Thermal stability of condensed systems that contain trapped atoms
10. Motion and pinning of charged macroscopic defects in solid 4He with 5% 3He
11. Motion of injected charges in hcp 4He crystals
12. Shock waves in liquid helium
13. The thermal conductivity of perfect and plastically deformed 4He crystals grown in a narrow bent capillary
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